Dual Strip Line (Milling, Buffing, Levelling)

Dual gauge material is used in the electronic industry as terminal parts and LED technology. However, there are many types and the condition variates. This is why the milling method has an important place. Furthermore, milling methods are also adopted in advanced rolling dual gauge strip manufacturing.

Here is one of our Dual gauge Milling Lines. It is for making dual material using a flat strip by cutting. As the downstream of it, Dual gauge cleaning-buffing line is used to finish the surface of variant condition. Also, Dual gauge leveler line can eliminate shape defects and curvature completely.

References Specification

Materials: TPC, OFC, Copper Alloy etc,
Thickness: 2.4 mm (Thick) - 0.48 mm (Thin)
Width: 49.0 mm - 103.0 mm