Company Philosophy

Bringing up three mind enhancing human intellect

To achieve the growth IKUTA promises its Operations in synchrony with 3S elements viz Speed, Simple, Symphony.

IKUTA`S Corporate Philosophy

All the customers and associates are the assets of IKUTA. IKUTA, its Customers and Associates collectively termed as “Sanpouyoshi” (三方善し) in Japanese has to make combined progressive efforts to produce highly proficient products and simultaneously reaping the benefits. To achieve this growth IKUTA promises its Operations in synchrony with 3S elements viz Speed, Simple, Symphony.

All the employees and their families are IKUTA`s assets. IKUTA has utmost respect for its Employees and provides enough chance for their development in terms of their destiny and shining their personalities. Employees should believe that everyone is the integral part of one family and have mutual respect and understanding for each other. Superiors help to grow their Sub-ordinates, Sub-ordinates sincerely learn from their Superiors and we treasure enhancing mind principled by “Sodatou” (grow by oneself), “Sodateyou” (grow each other) and “Sodachiaou” (grow together).

To work in IKUTA is to contribute to society, to have a satisfactory role in family and to enhance human intellect by having a grateful, considerate and independent mind. For making comfortable satisfied environment, we have always engraved 3-S housekeeping system for Seiri (orderliness), Seiton (neatness & tidiness) and Seisou (cleanliness).

IKUTA`s Manufacturing spirit is our Asset.

The technical skills, manufacturing spirit and excellence are being passed on since 1919.We embrace our knowledge, efforts, teamwork, challenge and change that are based on manufacturing better things constantly and growing ourselves intellectually.IKUTA must not content to its technical skills and achievements but rather try to put together progressive efforts, develop creative ideas and pass them to coming generations.IKUTA has to make efforts to fulfill its responsibilities to highest merit to get perpetual trust, confidence and support from its customers.

“Bringing up three mind enhancing human intellect”

Considerate mind

The latter progress of the work

Think about passing present work to next representatives.

IKUTA, customer and associates viz Sanpou relationship (三方善し)

Whenever we make an action we’d better to pay attention that not to be selfish and have a mind to make Sanpou benefit.

One for all , and All for one

Whenever somebody are in trouble, we’d better to help them.
Whenever they’re delighted or in sad, we’d better to share smile and encourage.

Grateful mind

Be dutiful to your parents

Be grateful to parents, ancestors who bring up you.
The most important things is to be dutiful to your parents.
To be dutiful to your parents mean what you relief them.

Be grateful to everything

Be grateful to life
Be grateful to work
Be grateful to home and families that are waiting for you
Be grateful to meal
Be grateful to co-worker, customer, and associates

Dependent mind

The future depend on how you create

Creation realize yourself.
Your mind create your future better or worse.
Thinking better lead you to fortune, simultaneously thinking worse lead you to misfortune.

Think and act by oneself

Discover what you want to do, obtain fellow’s understanding cooperation, and challenge without being afraid of failing.

Your mission

Have hope and dream, think aggressive, and be responsible for mission and duty.

In any situation bring up three mind enhancing human intellect, besides maintain and“Use the means then God will give the blessing.”We wish to step toward happy life.