Copper Foil Slitting Line (Nishimura)

Customer: Tianhe Rolled Copper Foil Co., Ltd.
Equipment: Copper Foil Slitting Line (Nishimura)
Materials: Copper and Copper Alloy
Specification: Thickness 0.050mm - 0.006mm
Width: 450mm - 670mm

New Brushing Machine

IKUTA fs Brushing Machine realize to remove oxidized impurity on copper surface and enable Scalping cutter to prolong its life time. Ikuta’s Scalping Cutter achieves great performance by combined with Brushing Machine.
Materials for: Copper and Copper Alloy
Thickness: 10 ~ 45mm
Width: 500 ~ 1300mm

Expanding our business from copper rolling to synthesize realm

IKUTA as an important maker of rolling machines has developed a great variety of high level equipments to contribute copper strip rolling world.
Our business is not constrained in the copper strip rolling world and it is expending into some other realm as well. A lot of know-how and considerable experience have been obtained as a solid foundation for it. Nowadays, Our machines used to process wire rod manufacturing which varies from steel , stainless and synthesize metals.
IKUTA has been contributing its technology to the world to meet our customers?f demand.

We contribute high quality and superior technology to the world

In 2002, IKUTA established a 100% subsidiaries in Suzhou China, then gradually, expanded the oversea customers to Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Thailand as well. And eventually, IKUTA decided to start full-scale development of oversea business. In recent years, our oversea business and activities are becoming more serious and more energetic. There was a built to order manufacturing request for metal resin lamination line from one of the major domestic composite manufacturer in Europe. Also, the first big challenge to the exhibition of EuroBLECH 2014, an international sheet metal trade fair, in Hannover Germany has done.

Innovating for future

In order to be a more energetic company, IKUTA has been actively adopting new graduates and the experienced technical employees, In addition Ikuta recruited many foreigners in their organizational structure. Nowadays, IKUTA has been strongly working on oversea expansion, but it has been expected more. There is a plan to establish a subsidiary in Turkey during the fiscal 2015. Fortunately, Ikuta is planning to celebrate its 100th anniversary in coming 2019 IKUTA will carry on its 100 years tradition also keep challenging for something new, glorious and brilliant for the sake of future.

Main Business of the Company

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Main business of the company is manufacture and sales of copper rolling machines and other metals and main products are Machine line of designing, manufacturing for nonferrous metal and other industry.