Milling Lines

Milling Lines have a mechanism to scalp and remove the oxide surface of the hot rolling or continuous casting processes. Scalping oxide impurities contributes to the electrical conductivity of the final product.

Milling Lines Layout

Specification of Milling Lines

Surface Roughness : Around Ra1.6
Tolerance of wide direction : < 0.05mm

  • Uncoiler
  • Roller leveler
  • Down Cut Shear
  • Descaling Brushing Machine
  • Edge Milling
  • Face Milling for Top & Bottom
  • Cutter Exchanger
  • Feed Roll Stand
  • Thickness Gauge
  • Water Brushing Machine
  • Upcoiler / Tension Reel
  • Banding Machine
  • Etc.

Three in One Milling Technology

In the copper rolling process, it is indispensable to have a milling (scalping) section after casting upstream. IKUTA is the most famous milling machine maker and unique manufacturer to make milling machines, milling cutters, and cutter grinders all together in one machine. We call this “Three in One Milling Technology”

Recent NEWS

Descaling Brushing Machine
Used for brushing oxide surface before Milling Unit. Brushing the surface lengthens the cutter life to an extent.

Materials for : Copper & Copper Alloy
Thickness : 10 ~ 45mm
Width : ~ 1300mm
Brush Materials : Steel Wire coated with Brass

Product range