IKUTA's technology will exceed your expectations!

IKUTA`s working principle relies on make-to-order production system. At an inital state , we listen your companies required specifications, then we start desing and manufacture process which suits with your budged and satisfy your quality reqirements. Revamping or remodelling lines can be take place in the process, we will fulfill flexibly to meet your demand.

IKUTA manufactured a variety of lines besides millling line. For instance; Cleaning line, Tin plating line, Annealing line and many more... Besides manufacturing equipments and machines, Ikuta has an experienced engineering team that shares 100 years tradition and experience of ikuta. Our engineers also capable of work with wide range equipments such as automated machinery or carrier device. So please feel free to contact us. IKUTA consistently carries on the mechanical design, electric design, processing and assembly in-house. In addition to manufacturing equipments, Installation work, electrical wiring work, overhaul even it is other company’s machinery, of course you can rely on us.

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