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  • Our business is mainlymanufacture
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"Challenge to the world..."
- Daisuke Kitamura -
IKUTA celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2019. Before that, however, we establish a new company “Ikuta Makine A.S. (Ikuta Machinery Inc.)” in Istanbul Turkey... Read More
“Raise myself”, “Raise yourself”, “Raise ourselves” which is the basic philosophy of IKUTA and it never changes.
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“So now is the time for challenging to the market of Europe in which IKUTA undertakes its business with reliable and proven technology to be the No.1 manufacturing company in the world." Read More


Expanding our business from copper rolling to synthesize realm


We contribute high quality and superior technology to the world


Innovating for the future


IKUTA will carry on its 100 years tradition but keep challenging for something new and for glorious and brilliant future.



Use the means and God will give the blessing.
President and CEO:
- Yasuhiro Ikuta -
Ikuta was born in Kyoto City in 1961. After graduating from university, he continued his studies in economics at the University of St. Thomas in USA. Read More
“We have been delivering solutions for parts makers with copper and copper alloy materials necessary for electronic equipment for over half a century...."
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“I believe that it is the hard work of each and every one of our proactive employees..." Read More

Product range

Milling Lines

Milling Lines has mechanism to scalp and remove the oxide surface of hot rolling or continuous casting process. Scalping oxide impurities contribute to the electrical conductivity when used in final product.

Three in One Milling Technology
In copper rolling process, it is indispensable to have a milling (scalping) section after casting upstream. IKUTA is the most famous milling machine maker and the unique manufacturer to make milling machines, milling cutters, and cutter grinders all together, which technologies we put together in one and named as “Three in One Milling Technology”.


The product range is: Multi Roll Leveler, Dual Strip Line (Milling, Buffing, Levelling), Tin-Plating Line, Slitter Line, Tension Leveller Line, Foil Degreasing Line, Continuous Degreasing, Pickling, Annealing, Polishing Line.


KYOWIND a subsidiary company of IKUTA, which manages trading business mostly between Japan and China. The company also works on export and import support as well as product sales of Japanese-made and Chinese- made. The shop Jing Ya Feng, produced by KYOWIND, has been opened at the Shanghai departments in China.

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Ikuta Makine
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27 Oct 2015
  • What Can we do
    for the Future?

  • We believe that, we have social and environmental responsibilities as a company, We consider our surroundings for environmental health of society. Even If some work that creates poor profit for our company but also for the sake of human being and environmental beauty, as a company we ignore the poor profit.

  • What is KES?

    Kyoto Environment Management System (KES), which is based on ISO14001 and offered by Kyoto city in Japan. Its purpose is to encourage companies to protect the environment from pollution. KES requires establishment of a system to reduce environmental impacts of a company’s activity, products or service. It also requires constant improvements of its system.


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